Telecommunications, Interferences and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Virginie Dégardin


Virginie Dégardin

 Professor at the TELICE Group, her research activities relate to the theoretical and experimental study of propagation characteristics and the optimization of the communication link such as channel coding and the algorithms of the channel estimation and channel equalization dedicated to multicarrier modulations. The areas of application are wireless LANs, power line communications, communications in transportation (vehicle and aircraft).

She received her Ph.D. in 2002 and HDR in 2012.

She is  Professor at the University of Lille1, UFR IEEA.

Informations de contact

Email : Virginie.degardin(at)

télephone : +33 3 20 33 72 06


phD thesis : "Analyse de la faisabilité d'une transmission de données haut débit sur le réseau électrique basse tension", 2002.